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Another blast from the past from back in the old West Coast Lambretta Works days

A few random thoughts on this photo...

Using the Gasca's/Todd Delle/Bob Brown's Auto parking lot for Saturday morning test rides was common practice. Helmet laws were strictly unenforced.


This could be the shop "test bike", but something makes me think it's this one guy's puke yellow rat bike that had fake black fur glued inside the legshield and down onto the floorboards. Beats me what his name was, but he spent decent money on a good motor so I gotta hand it to him. Assuming this was his bike anyhow. Maybe Paul Piskor will chime in on this at some point, I do believe he was at WCLW during the "Gasca's Era"... 

But regardless of whose engine it was, we always gave any motor we had just built a good honest thrashing - nothing over the top, just testing out the clutch (wheelies), making sure it holds each gear at full throttle (burnouts), that kinda stuff. We expected the motor to have a long life of such abuse, so no reason not to make sure everything was ready for such shenanigans should that be the owner's desire.

I also dig how the headlight on the Lincoln Continental in the background is in tack sharp focus, while me... err not so much. Probably due to a wonky autofocus system on the camera - this was the early '90s after all.

Oh and about that facial hair... should I take a poll?

Haha, fuggetaboutit.. it would be grey as May.

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