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The fiasco that was the sale of LambrettaWorks forced me to sell many of the boards that I had collected over the years, some of which can be seen hanging from the ceiling in the photo from my last blog post.

Of the many boards I had to let go (which included an early '60s Harbour, serial number 753), this Hansen v-bottom might just be the one I miss the most - not because it was the most valuable (especially back then; these boards have gotten a little more desirable since then) - but because I never rode it. At that time I was strictly a goofy-ass longboarder. Of course if you have browsed this site much at all (or looked at this), you will surely know that by now I am a fully fledged goofy-ass v-bottom rider!

The board was not in mint condition, but not bad. I think it was water tight at least. The fact that the original fin box had been filled in with resin was tempered only by the wow factor of the Playboy themed fin. I think it was about 7'6", but I can't be sure. Just the sheer brevity of the v-bottom era is enough to make boards like this as rare as the proverbial seagull's teeth.

So yeah, I'm pretty bummed I let this one go looking back on it now. The board sold on Craigslist when I was living in LA in around 2007-'08. If I ever run into the buyer, I would sure like to take it for a spin!

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